Akame ga Kill! Count Giveaway

Akame ga Kill! is winding down on Toonami. In fact, episode 19 of this 24 episode series airs this Saturday! We're sad that it's ending, but at least we're getting even closer to Akame ga Kill!'s home video release on February 9! 

To celebrate its successful run, we’re going to publish one of our infamous Akame Ga Kill! Counters per day. If you DON’T know what those are, here you go:

Giveaway Rules

Please note that the giveaway will only be available to residents 18 and older who are residents of the continental USA.

Here’s how it will work.

First, visit Sentai's Twitter

Reply to our daily #AkameGaKill Counter tweet. Whoever guesses the correct GRAND TOTAL per episode FIRST will be entered to win the final prize. By the end of the week, we should have a maximum of 6 finalists.

The Prize

On Saturday night, right before Akame Ga Kill! airs on Toonami, we’ll announce the winner. Of the SIX daily winners, will be randomly chosen to take home:

  1. Your choice of an Akame shirt or an Esdeath shirt in your size.

  2. An Akame Ga Kill! pin! 

Good Luck!

Try to guess the Grand Total every day before we air the next episode’s video at 4:30 P.M. CST! The prize winner will be announced before Akame ga Kill! airs on #SentaiHour at 12:30AM EST!