Akame ga Kill! Premiere Night Wrap Up

Hey guys! So, we had a little premiere party at Dave & Busters for the big Akame ga Kill! premiere this past Saturday on Toonami. 


We had tons of fun, the food was ready, drinks were flowing, and our voice actors were licking/eating/sleeping on their awesome new Night Raid shirts. (David Wald aka Bulat, Corey Hartzog aka Tatsumi, and Molly Searcy aka Akame were great!)

Not sure what happened there.

Best of all, though, we were together having a great time, posting up a storm about Akame ga Kill! on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr pages. Thanks for joining us on social guys! ;)


All in all, the premiere was a great success, but we couldn't have done it without every single person in this room. Big shoutouts to our awesome production staff, QC'ers, voice actors and everyone else involved in making Akame ga Kill! as awesome as possible!


And HEY! We trended on Twitter in the US AND WORLDWIDE, how awesome is that?! Big thanks to the Toonami Faithful, you guys rock!


And now for a big surprise! If you weren't able to watch the first episode of Akame ga Kill! on Toonami, you can now get it on Amazon. New episodes will be available one day after broadcast on Mondays, so make sure to keep up with everyone else! Enjoy!