New Releases This Week: Earth Engine Engage!

Captain Earth makes its first pass around this week with Collection 1 hitting the shelves. The legendary Studio Bones worked on the animation for this show, so if you're familiar with their past works, then you know to expect beautiful visuals, exciting fight scenes and everything else synonymous with the studio. Pick up collection 1 NOW and make sure to preorder collection 2 as well!




With memories of his father's inexplicable death still haunting him, Daichi follows a mysterious rainbow to his childhood home Tanegashima Island to investigate. As Daichi delves deeper into the mystery of his father’s death, a strange encounter with an unusual girl plunges him into the middle of a battle! Now, Daichi must become the pilot of the Earth Engine— a giant robot that only one known as a “captain” can pilot— is he wants to protect the world.

Genres: Mecha, Sci-Fi, Action

Rating: TV-14