New Releases This Week: First Impressions

This week's new releases are all about fresh starts. In our latest film release AURA, Satou Ichiro tries to start anew in a different school in order to rid himself of what basically boils down to "chunibyo" before chunibyo was "Chunibyo". In Rail Wars!, Naoto's first day on the job as a trainee for the Railways Security Force is more than a little hectic. New beginnnings are great, and you should start with one of these titles:




In a parallel world where Japan hasn't privatized its railways, Naoto dreams of being a train conductor for the Japanese National Railways. He luckily manages to snag a job as a trainee for the Railways Security Force. However, Naoto’s expectations are quickly derailed when he finds that he has trouble telling who’s crazier- his coworkers or the criminals he’s supposed to catch! But when RJ, a sinister group, appears to seize control of the JNR, it’s up to him to get things back on track.

Genres: Comedy, Shounen, Action & Adventure

Rating: TV-PG








Satou Ichirou once lived a life of adolescent delusion as the great “Maryuin Koga.” Bullied by his peers and shunned by his classmates, Ichirou transferred schools in an effort star anew. But when he encounters a girl in a blue cape claiming to be an otherworldly researcher, it seems like his fresh start won’t be as easy as he thought. Although Ichirou tries his hardest to avoid this girl, he soon finds himself defending her as he attempts to bring her back down to the real world.

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

Rating: R