New Releases This Week: Gentle Breezes, Healing Spirits

This week sees the release of Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods. If there ever was a show to watch when you're looking to relax after a hard day of school/work/what have you, then this would be it. It's like having a seat on a cloud, or rubbing your face on a pile of kitties, or the putting a shirt on straight out of the drier, or having the exact change you need at checkout, or....


In Japan, it is said that if you pray to a deity with sincerity, you will surely feel the divine presence. However, as the successor of the Saeki Inari Shrine, Makoto Saeki can do more than that, since she's been seeing and speaking with spirits, kami and other messengers of the Gods since her mother's funeral. Which can be difficult, especially when her classmates can't know about Gintarou, the fox-like Herald who's protects the Saeki shrine.

Genres: ComedySlice of LifeSupernatural

Rating: TV-PG