New Releases This Week: Player's Club

The God on Conquests is about to get a small expansion pack to fill in some gaps in his soul catching game with this week's release of The World God Only Knows OVA Collection! Keima, Elsie and their friends are back to help bridge their series together in this collection, so if you're a fan of the series then this little package is a must own. Pick it up today, and happy hunting!


The World God Only Knows OVA OVA Collection dvd




Keima and his spirit hunting partner Elsie are dragged kicking and screaming into their wildest adventures yet! Things get off on a strange foot when Chihiro convinces Elsie, Ayumi and Miyako to form a band. Unfortunately, they're really not very good and their quest to get rehearsal space somehow escalates into a challenge to score perfect 100s on their English tests. After coaching them through that, Keima should have earned a peaceful vacation, but instead his plans are seriously derailed…