New Releases This Week: Welcome to a New World

This week we are celebrating the fantastical nature of anime with two shows that are anything but down to earth. No Game No Life makes it's much anticipated debut today on Blu-ray and DVD, and includes the year's most sought after Collector's Edition box set as well. Windy Tales, wherein regular people develop the power to control the wind also becomes available today on DVD. Want to know a little more about each? Check out our descriptions below:




Bored with life and considering the real world to be just a “crappy game,” savvy sibling shut-ins Sora and Shiro have withdrawn into their own fantasy world filled with video games. But when the find themselves summoned to another world by a boy who calls himself “God”, their abilities are about to be put to the ultimate test! Now not only their fates— but the fate of all of humanity— will be decided by a series of games that may just be the hardest these super-geniuses have ever faced!

Genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure

Rating: TV-14 [D, L, S]






While hanging out on the roof of her school, Nao Ueshima discovers a flock of flying cats. In her haste to snap a picture, Nao tumbles over the side of the building. But instead of plummeting to her doom, Nao is guided by an unseen force that allows her to land safely on her feet. Determined to unlock the secrets of the flying cats and the identity of her rescuer, Nao soon learns that not only is one of her teachers able to control the wind, but he can also teach others to control it, too!

Genres: Supernatural, Slice of Life

Rating: PG