The Life Of Budori Gusuko Official English Dub Cast List

Available on March 27, 2018! 

Standard Edition

About The Life Of Budori Gusuko

Budori Gusko’s life was wonderful, living in the forest with his father, mother and younger sister. Then, the weather changed, the villagers he knew moved away, and tragedy stole his sister and parents from him. Forced to wander until he found another place to live, he again settled into a peaceful existence… until the weather changed, and it was all taken from him once again. Now, as he’s grown older, Budori has found a job with people who study volcanoes, and when the weather starts to change again, Budori must make the biggest decision of his life. From the classic story by Kenji Miyazawa (NIGHT ON THE GALACTIC RAILROAD) comes an all-new animated masterpiece: The Life of Budori GusUko!




Charlie Campbell

ADR Script:

Marta Bechtol 

The Life Of Budori Gusuko English Cast

Budori                                         Derick Snow

Neri                                            Monica Rial

Kidnapper                                   Jeff Collins

Nadori                                        James Dean

Budori's Mother                           Monica Rial

Redbeard                                    Lowell Bartholomee

Silk Factory Owner                      Christopher Wehkamp

Director Pennen                          Charlie Campbell

Schoolteacher                             Amber Marie Davis

Redbeard's Wife                          Monica Rial

Redbeard's Father                       Jason Douglas

Professor Kubo                            Edwin Neal

Narrator                                      Charlie Campbell


Additional Voices                         Christopher Ainley

                                                  J.D. Schmidt

                                                  Jon Clinkenbeard

                                                  Alex Sanchez

                                                  Nathan Davis

                                                  Amber Marie Davis

                                                  Jerrison Howell

                                                  Jacqueline Howell

                                                  Judy Blinkday

                                                  Thomas Paschall

                                                  Taylor Paschall

                                                  Clint Campbell

                                                  William Kistler

                                                  Sieana Kistler

                                                  Annalise Kistler

                                                  Taci Kistler

                                                  Jennifer Joseph

                                                  Jason Douglas

                                                  Brando Austin

                                                  Amy Hall

                                                  Cameron Hall

                                                  Aden Hall

                                                  Taylor Grossman

                                                  Jeff Collins

                                                  James Dean

                                                  Smokey DeLange