Tuesday New Releases: Space Brothers Collection 8

This is it - the final chapter in Mutta and Hibito's NASA space story. Add the final volume of Space Brothers to your collection today! 

Tuesday New Releases: April 26, 2016

Space Brothers Collection 8


Space Brothers Collection 8

The single most important element of any mission is trust: trust in your equipment, trust in your crewmates and support team, and trust in yourself. As the trajectories of Mutta and Hibito's careers continue to alter dramatically, self-doubt and lack of trust become the deadliest of enemies. Once the rising young star, Hibito must now undergo round after round of grueling tests in order to prove that he still has the right stuff for the space program. Meanwhile, Mutta has never been working harder, continuing to prepare for his own mission to the moon while serving as Vince's backup. But Mutta's team is still incomplete, and Chief Butler has yet to assign a captain to the CES-62 backup crew. Will the unexpected new addition to the roster change everything? Get ready for a rendezvous with destiny as the brotherhood of space meets its greatest challenge in the eighth interstellar collection of SPACE BROTHERS!

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life

Rating: TV-14