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Journey to the Center of the Sentai Shop

Journey to the Center of the Sentai Shop

7/24/2018 7:37:52 PM

We were feeling adventurous the other day, so we rolled up our sleeves, assembled our equipment and set off on an expedition deep within the heart of the Sentai Shop. Our mission? To bring back choice special-grade relics for all our fans to enjoy! We are proud to announce that our quest was successful and we’re ready to show off the fruits of our arduous labor!



It took blood, sweat, tears and hours of mining to break through into the first layer of the Sentai Shop. After emerging from the dimly lit passageway we created, we found ourselves in a brightly lit cavern that appeared to be a library of some sort. Within, we discovered visual records of a variety of myths and legends! We took great pains to capture and catalog our findings, so here’s what we found:


ClassicLoid Complete Collection
This record chronicled the adventures of mysterious beings known only as “Classicloids” who wielded the power of “musik” that could warp the fabric of reality itself!


Initial D Legend 1: Awakening
This record contains the tale of thrilling, high-speed races down a mountain where contestants wager pride itself as currency!


Norn 9 Complete Collection
According to this record, tales speak of twelve youths with supernatural powers who traveled the world in a spherical airship on a mission of peace.


The Perfect Insider
This record recounts the story of a man and woman who were drawn into a tangled web as they attempt to solve a murder most foul.


After cataloging everything we could, we rappelled our way down to the second layer of the Sentai Shop. The journey was treacherous, and we may or may not have lost track of one of our pack mules, but we successfully set up base camp and set off in search for more relics.

We haven’t been the only ones exploring the depths of the Sentai Shop as we came across badges bearing the resemblance of other brave individuals who came before us. We’ve taken to wearing them on our clothing and gear in support of these courageous individuals and now you can pre-order them too!


Tippy Plushy
Look at how cute this thing is! We came across an entire colony of these living down in the depths, and they were content to display themselves in our bags, equipment and even on the top of our heads! Who here is interested in a fluffy pet? They ended up following us all the way back to the office, and we’d be more than happy to find these critters a new home.

Umaru-chan Squish
During our exploration, we came across these idols on top of an altar built out of what resembled televisions and gaming consoles. These were soft to the touch and had a mesmerizing ability to melt away all of our stress upon squeezing them. Knowing that we had come across something remarkable indeed, we gathered them all up and ventured forth, deeper into the unknown.



As we delved into the third layer of the Sentai Shop, we also came across a mysterious little girl living inside a dark tunnel and who claimed could see into the future. At first, all she said was “SOON…” in a deep, foreboding voice. After an awkward and anxious silence, she thankfully clarified by mentioning she was talking about the pre-orders. We asked her to elaborate more on this “the pre-orders,” and she recited the following four prophecies:


K-ON! Premium Box Set 
“One day, a student shall fall in love with playing the guitar and join her school's light music club.” Our reaction: Good for her! Everyone should have something they’re passionate about!


No Game, No Life Zero Premium Box Set
“Humanity faces extinction. One man shall alter the fate of his entire race with the aid of an android searching for the secret of the human heart. ” Our reaction: Ok, extinction is bad, we should help out. Probably.


Kaiju Mono
“Tokyo shall be attacked by a kaiju known as Mono, and a lab assistant must grow gargantuan in size and use wrestling moves to defend the city!” Our reaction: How does this guy suddenly know wrestling moves? Who cares: Let them fight!


Armed Girls Machiavellism Premium Box Set
“A boy shall transfer into a former all-girls school and must fight against a student organization bent on correcting his behavior!” Our reaction: Does that girl have a pet bear? That girl has a pet bear!


We asked the oracle if she knew the location of any relics, and she gave us directions that led deep into the fourth layer of the Sentai Shop. They were a bit hard to understand since the relics weren’t there yet. Eventually, we somehow ended up with relics that simultaneously existed, yet didn’t at the same time. It could be due to the weird flow of time down there, so we have top men working on it. Top. Men. In the meantime, check out these relics that will soon be yours!


Like the pin set, this piece of apparel contained the likeness of famous of a brave duo who previously explored the depths. Perhaps we’ll learn more about their adventures one day. Regardless, we shall proudly wear this in support and solidarity.


Tada Never Falls in Love T-shirt
This feline has quite the attitude, and if you need a loud “MEOW” in your life, this will scream it. We can hear the echoes from all the way down here!


Himouto Umaru-chan T-shirt
The idol returned in apparel form! Wearing this along with holding the squish we mentioned earlier made us want to put on a hamster hoodie and binge anime while chugging cola and munching on potato chips.


Princess Principal T-shirt
Now, this was something that came in handy, especially when we misplaced the batteries for our flashlights! (Long story) This shirt was the light in the darkness when we needed it most, and it shall assist you in your nightly endeavors, too!

Monster Musume T-shirt
So far, the monsters down here have been very friendly. We came across six of them guarding this shirt, but they let us have it on the condition that we wear it to remind a certain someone of their eternal affections. That was very sweet of them, so all of you should wear this to remind that certain person as well.


Enjoy the fruits of our delving! We’ve only scratched the surface of the Sentai Shop and still found all of this fantastic loot! We never reached the bottom layer, but that’s an adventure for another day! Don’t ask what we went through bringing these relics back to the surface; that was a rough morning.

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