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Real Girl Official English Cast Reveal

Real Girl Official English Cast Reveal

10/26/2018 8:26:26 PM

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The character-driven story follows the reclusive Hikari Tsutsui as he accidentally falls in love with the popular Iroha Igarashi, despite his aversion to real-world girls. The couple begins to develop a close bond neither expected and it challenges their preconceived notions of who people truly are.

Director: Shannon Reed

Nathan Wilson as Tsutsui
Christina Kelly as Iroha
Daniel Regojo as Ito
Olivia Swasey as Ishino
Adam Gibbs as Takanashi
Natalie Rial as Ayado
Hilary Haag as Ezomichi
Shannon Emerick as Kaoru
Savannah Menzel as Anzu
Joanne Bonasso as Kie
Mike Haimoto as Chika

Also With:

Alan Brinks
Cat Thomas
Scott Gibbs
Shelby Blocker
Gabriel Regojo
David Wald
Melissa Molano
Juliet Simmons
Orlanders Jones
Cameron Bausch