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Sentai Filmworks Presents: Our Bad Love Poems From Middle School

Sentai Filmworks Presents: Our Bad Love Poems From Middle School

2/14/2019 3:15:08 PM

Hey, remember middle school? We get that things were rough back then, what with trying to fit in and learning about proper grammar and algebra and stuff.

Specifically, we try not to remember all the embarrassingly bad poetry we wrote to our crushes back in English Lit when we were 12 years old. Keyword being “try.” As you have probably figured out, we were not particularly successful in that endeavor.

Given that Valentine’s Day is here, we decided it was time to dig our terrible poetry out of the back of our minds and share them with you. If you need us, we’ll be cringing over there in the corner, cursing our youthful selves for believing we were poet laureates deserving of a Pulitzer Prize just because we had learned the definition of iambic pentameter. We deluded ourselves into thinking we were deep.

Witness: The horror of pretentious words and spelling errors!

Im not delusional ur delusional
My eyepatch of power
It may seal the Evil Lord,
but Love Conquers All
So let's grow old together

They say that Love is patient, Love is kind
You don’t choose who you fall in Love with
Just give it time

My love is like a tree
Swaying in the breeze
You make me weak in the knees
Like I am holding in a sneeze
The cyborg implants hurt my tummy
Just don’t call me a dummy

Do U love ME? (Y/N)?
This is a love pome
I think you like my best friend!!
Do you like me instead?

Time is circular?
Is this differently?
I probably would?

Monsters deserve love too
So what if your blue.
You should get a clue,
Monsters don’t belong in a zoo

LoVe iN a TuB
Rub a dub dub
There’s an alien in the tub
Now I’m engaged.

I peeled some fruit on a bike
But now I must go on a strike
My crush read into it
I’m having a fit
Sometimes it’s just not what it looks like.

I landed a dish,
I just got my wish
There’s a man in the tub,
I think I’m in love
I don’t care that he’s half fish.

My mind is fractured
I can not remember
Why does my brain elude me?
What is the abyssal mystery hidden behind the veil of subconscious thought
I must remember for the sake of myself
And the one
I care about

Love is Fleeting, but Poems are Forever

We WANT to believe that we’ve come a long, long, LONG way since those fledgling days of middle school and that our poetry skills have improved since then. So, we’ll take one, final stab at this. Consider this our Valentine’s Day gift from us to you:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your friends at Sentai
All care about you

Do you too suffer from embarrassing memories of middle school poetry but have learned over the years to forgive yourself for youthful missteps? Feel free to share those moments with us with the tag @SentaiFilmworks using the social media buttons below. And, as always, sign up for our newsletter! Who knows? You might get to read more poetry!