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Stuck at Home? Take a Virtual Vacay with 10 Spring Break Anime

Stuck at Home? Take a Virtual Vacay with 10 Spring Break Anime

3/17/2021 7:54:46 PM

You deserve a vacation after making it through 2020. We all do. Unfortunately, not all of us can go on a fabulous getaway right now.

But that doesn’t mean you have to bid your plans goodbye. No, we humans are more creative than that. You may be unable to leave physically, but there’s nothing stopping your mind.

What do we mean? A vicarious vacation, of course! And your pals at Sentai and HIDIVE have teamed up and picked out the perfect Spring Break anime for a virtual vacay.

Sentai Recommends: Love, Chunybio and Other Delusions! Take On MeThe logo and characters from the Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions!: Take On Me movie.

Yes, that’s right, the beloved Love, Chunybio and Other Delusions franchise has a movie!

What better way to spend your break than watching the latest installment as our intrepid lovebirds come to a crossroads in their relationship. Now Rikka can either leave Yuta and move to Italy along with her sister or run away from home with him, leading to a wild goose chase across Japan!

Either way, you get to travel vicariously thanks to Rikka’s latest antics. And there’s no better way to do that than with Love, Chunybio and Other Delusions! Take On Me.

HIDIVE Note: Taaaaake Meee Onnnn! 

HIDIVE Recommends: Non Non Biyori VacationThe logo and characters from the Non Non Biyori Vacation movie.

Needless to say, this past year has been stressful. Fortunately for us, slice of life series like Non Non Byori exist. 

They have a way of just relaxing and recharging us, which is one of the many reasons we’re simulcasting the 3rd season, Non Non Biyori Nonstop. But what is it that makes this series so wholesome to watch? It’s because it belongs to a slice of life subgenre known as iyashikei. 

…What’s that? You want to know what iyashikei is?


Sentai Note: We’ll take it from here. We wrote a blog about it awhile back that should answer all your questions.

Sentai Recommends: Flying Witch

The logo and characters from Flying Witch.

And now that you know what iyashikei is, we’ll put Flying Witch on your itinerary next.

There is something magical and relaxing about an idyllic countryside. There’s always something beyond the next hill or tucked out of the way, waiting for you to discover it. And, in Flying Witch, that’s precisely the case. 

There’s magic everywhere, if you know where to look. Once you know what you’re looking for, maybe you’ll see a migrating flying whale or realize that the run-down house in the woods is actually a supernatural cafe hiding in plain sight. 

And speaking of cafes, we could use refreshments right about now. As long as HIDIVE doesn’t steal our snacks again, that is.

HIDIVE Note: Oh, we’ll do you one better just for that.

HIDIVE Recommends: Tabiaruki from IwateThe logo from tabiaruki from Iwate with scenic photos of a traditional Japanese meal, a train against a landscape, a hand holding a fish, a purple flower, a sunset and a forest as seen from inside a building.

Now, don’t get us wrong, Flying Witch has scenic shots of the Aomori Prefecture, that’s for sure. But you know what’s even cooler? Seeing the actual Iwate Prefecture, which is right next door!

Have you always wanted to visit Japan but neither had the time nor the money, or are curious about Japan thanks to our mutual favorite pastime? We’ve got a Japanese documentary that you could watch right now. 

So not only can you say you’ve learned something, but you can experience what the Iwate Prefecture offers!

Sentai Note: You know, it’s funny that you bring up exploring...

Sentai Recommends MADE IN ABYSS

The logo and main characters from MADE IN ABYSS.

Discovery and danger can be two sides of the same coin with exploration, which is a huge theme in MADE IN ABYSS. Sure, the series may look cute and innocent, but that only makes the inevitable suffering the characters go through even more shocking.

Fortunately for you, you can experience all the thrills of exploring the enigmatic unknown without putting yourself through grievous harm. Your feels, however? That’s another matter entirely. We make absolutely no promises with that.

We’ve warned you.

HIDIVE Note: Well, that got dark real fast. Let’s liven things up with a not-so horrifying Terror of the Deep.

HIDIVE Recommends: The Squid Girl

The logo and characters from The Squid Girl.

The Squid Girl is what happens when someone thinks they’re Chuthulu when they’re actually just adorably incompetent. 

Hey, it’s not like we can blame her for invading the surface world. If someone polluted your home, you’d want to put a stop to it, too. Unfortunately for Squid Girl, her aspirations will just have to wait until she finishes paying for the property damage she caused to that beach house first.

But in the meantime? There’s beach antics to enjoy and bosses to avoid pissing off.

Sentai Note: If only Squid Girl had some form of escapism...

Sentai Recommends: No Game, No LifeThe logo and main characters from No Game, No Life.

And you can’t really get any further from escapism than isekai. One moment you’re minding your own business in the real world and then you suddenly find yourself in a brand new one with the rare second chance to start all over again in a world uniquely suited to your specific skill set.

Which brings us to Riku and Sora, a brother-sister gamer team whose speal is that they never lose. Ever.

So half the fun is putting them in situations where they play familiar games with some kind of twist to them. You know the duo will win. But that’s not why you’re watching. You’re watching HOW they’ll win. They practically make a sport of it.

HIDIVE Note: Did someone say, “sport”?

HIDIVE Recommends: Kandagawa Jet GirlsThe logo and characters from Kandagawa Jet Girls.

Because that brings us at long last to Kandagawa Jet Girls! By pure coincidence, it just so happens we’re airing an uncensored dub for the anime right now. Nope, no ulterior motive for including this series in this blog.

None whatsoever.

Because this is about going on a virtual vacation involving jet ski racing and having FUN while doing so. Lots of people go jet skiing when they’re at the beach or around other bodies of water, and if Sentai insinuates otherwise, it’s because they’re Liar McLiarsons.

What else can people do to have fun, after all?

Sentai Note: ANYWAY, we can think of another place you can go for fun.

Sentai Recommends: Amagi Brilliant ParkThe logo and main characters from Amagi Brilliant Park.

Ah, the humble amusement park: a long, beloved staple of entertainment. But with the current climate, we understand why you’d be hesitant to visit one. 

That’s okay. Crowded amusement parks are overpriced, anyway. And you have to stand in lines for hours on end for a 5-minute ride. That’s always fun.

It’s much better to watch an anime about amusement parks, which is why we’re recommending Amagi Brilliant Park. ESPECIALLY since it’s a reverse isekai. You read that correctly: The fantasy kingdom still needs the isekai protagonist’s help to get their business out of the red, but they came to our world for a change.

HIDIVE Note: And if you want to go somewhere a little more real, we’ve got you covered as well!

HIDIVE Recommends: 100 Sights of Ancient CitiesThe logo from 100 Sights of Ancient Cities. A Japanese building is behind the logo.

That’s right: You thought Tabiaruki from Iwate was the only series on Japanese culture we had? No way. We’ve also got 100 Sights of Ancient Cities

If you’ve ever been interested in Japanese culture, you’re in luck! We’ve got 30 episodes steeped in Japanese culture waiting just for you. And we mean culture instead of culture for once!

If you always wanted to learn more about Japan that doesn’t involve anime, you really can’t go wrong with this documentary. See, Sentai? We can be educational, too.

Sentai note: That remains to be seen, HIDIVE. That remains to be seen...

Take a Virtual Vacay with Spring Break Anime Courtesy of Sentai and HIDIVE

Do we have your back or what? You’ve got your travel itinerary ready, and we’ve even suggested which souvenirs you should buy as a memento of your virtual vacay.

All of us at Sentai and HIDIVE wish you a bon voyage on your anime vacation. Don’t forget to send a postcard!