6 Times Food Wars Made You Too Hungry to Function

To be fair, there were more than a few moments when Food Wars! made us want to eat the screen. Around the office, we know that doing ANYTHING with this show before lunch time is generally a bad idea.

Here’s our top six times Food Wars! became a workplace distraction (and we’re talking about the FOOD here, okay?!).  The screenshots below will show you the dish and give you a taste of the reaction.

Our Favorite Food Wars! Dishes

Ryo Kurokiba’s French Lobster Rice with Cognac

Episode 23: The Competition of the Blossoming Individuals

For the Fall Selection prelims, dark horse Ryo Kurokiba created a lobster dish with curry roux and saffron rice, but what made it astronomical (or maybe… gastronomical) was his use of aged French cognac. This dish appears in the last arc of the Food Wars! anime, and the impact it had on the judges was, well… through the roof, into the sky and out into the galaxy itself.

Megumi Tadakoro’s Onigiri

Episode 6: The Meat Aggressor

You might be wondering, “Is onigiri really that special?” Well, it’s technically nothing more than a ball of short-grain rice with meat, fish, or vegetables inside, so in theory it’s pretty simple. However, there’s something special and comforting about Megumi’s onigiri. Her seemingly-normal dish looks so real, it’s almost like it’s just within reach…

The Aldini Brothers’ Grilled Duck with Japanese Salsa Verde

Episode 8: A Concerto of Concept and Creation

The Aldini brothers already get points for being able to put Japanese twists to classic Italian favorites, but their debut dish is our hands-down favorite. The perfectly grilled duck meat is prepped with honey, soy sauce, and other Japanese ingredients and served with a beautifully modified salsa verde that makes even the BACKGROUND characters comment, “I’m drooling already!”

Joichiro Yukihira’s Special Rich Ramen


Episode 16: The Cook Who Traveled Thousands of Miles

Good ramen shops are kind of hard to come by in the States, which makes us even more envious of the Polar Star members who got to eat the special ramen prepared by Joichiro (aka, the main character’s father). Apparently, Joicihiro’s cooking is good enough to make even the proud Erina Nakiri crave it. If it’s good enough for the God’s Tongue, it’s MORE than good enough for us!

Kojiro Shinomiya’s Chou Farci


Episode 11: The Magician That Came from the East

Shinomiya wasn’t even trying when he made this foodgasmic chou farci, and despite its simple (but lovely) presentation, the flavor was enough to send all of the judges into magical girl transformations. Imagine - a dish that’s so good it makes you shed all of your inhibitions and become inspired by the power of… cabbage?

Soma Yukihira’s “Gotcha” Pork Roast


Episode 1: The Vast Wasteland

Two words: meat juices. Oh, get out of the gutter! Soma created an amazing “meat” dish using potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and thick bacon slices, topping it with an epic red wine reduction sauce. The end result was our one of our first forays into Food Wars! style foodgasms, and we can only hope that we will one day eat something even half as sublime as this.

Choosing Only Six Dishes Was Hard

In reality, every episode of this Spring 2015 anime might make you too hungry to function. Which Food Wars! dish is YOUR favorite? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Tumblr!