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Ask Sentai #12: Survival Games and Sweet, Sweet Memories

Ask Sentai #12: Survival Games and Sweet, Sweet Memories

6/4/2015 10:26:07 PM

Time for another Ask Sentai Q&A! Thank you to everyone who sends in their questions, you rock!

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if you had exactly 24mins to live, what single anime eisode would you watch? (including opening and closing songs)

I would 100% watch the final episode of Azumanga Daioh, no contest. Also, remember this wallpaper? Of course you do.

if you had exactly 24mins to live, what single anime eisode would you watch? (including opening and closing songs)

Is there any consideration of giving the Key Anime releases such as: CLANNAD, Angel Beats, and Little Busters a Collector's Edition in the future?

Time will tell, there are tons of shows that we think are fit for a CE. Right now, though, we are focused on our upcoming releases of No Game No Life, Knights of Sidonia, and Beyond the Boundary. :)

Be straight with me Mr. Sentai media guy, will Is It WrongTo Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? possibly get a dub or blu-ray?

I'm pretty sure it will get a blu-ray. As for a dub, not very sure yet. It's still running weekly, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Favorite episode of Sabagebu?

The thing I like about Sabagebu is that it's pretty episodic, which means you don't have to necessarily watch them in order. Favorite episode I think is episode 5, wherein Urara gets stuck on the outer wall of the girl's restroom on the third floor. Check it out yourself right here:,p0,d0

Favorite episode of Sabagebu?

You recently announced that you are going to anime expo. What can we expect to come out news wise? Will you give beyond the boundary a release date? Please!

We'll definitely have some big announcements at the panel that we're sure will please a lot of you out there. And as for Beyond the Boundary...well, you'll have to wait and see!

Glasses or little sisters?


Glasses or little sisters?

I know Akame ga Kill is going to be on Toonami, but any idea on when it will get a home video release?

Not QUITE sure about a release date yet, but there's been talk around the office about it, so it's really only a matter of time before a release date is decided for it. Stay tuned!

When are you announcing the shows you got for summer.

We'll be announcing a number of them at our panel at AX, so make sure to watch out social channels around that time for official announcements. Thanks!

Will you have posters at your booth this year at AX?

YES! We will definitely have posters, and this year we will also be selling SHIRTS! We will have a number of different designs available for purchase, including No Game No Life and Log Horizon shirts!
Will you have posters at your booth this year at AX?

Will there be subtitled tracks on Persona 4's Collectors Edition Blu-Rays? I know you guys couldn't get the Japanese because of licensing?

The Collector's Edition will include both Japanese and English audio and there will be an English subtitle track.

Just recently saw the announcement of Akame Ga Kill! premiering on Toonami. I'm excited. Can we expect any other series to make its way on the block?

Here's a question for YOU, and anyone else reading this. What all would you WANT from us to be on Toonami? Let us know on Twitter:

is there any chance that you will dub "Coffin princess chaika" and pick up the second season?

We are looking into the second season as I type this. Can't really say about a dub, but it's definitely on my personal "shows we need to dub" list, so we'll see!

You guys should set up a streaming service!

You can find our stuff in a lot of places: Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Anime Network, among other places. If you have a Roku player, you can now download the Anime Network app to get access to our entire library of shows, subbed and dubbed where applicable, as well as a ton of other shows too. Look into it!
That's it for this week! Next week we'll talk about whatever the hell these things are on Hestia's head: